Hitslink Website Marketing ROI Tracking

Use Hitslink Keywordtool’s ROI calculator to cut your advertising budget by 50% or more and increase your sales & profits!

Calculate your ROI on website marketing by knowing your conversion rates for…

  • Keyword phrases
  • Search engines

By knowing exactly which keyword phrases generate your sales (and which ones don’t) you will save on your website marketing expenses.

By using Hitslink KeywordTool’s ROI calculator service, costs and individual keyword profits are easily quantified, allowing you to streamline your search engine optimization and marketing initiatives. You will now be able to troubleshoot those no-profit keywords easily, so you stop wasting money and start increasing profits

Hitslink KeywordTool calculates ROI for keyword performance by identifying…

  • How many visitors convert into sales
  • What keyword phrases generate your sales
  • What keyword phrases DON’T generate your sales
  • What search engines generate your sales
  • Your customer post-click activity

The HitsLink ROI Calculator is designed to help you understand which keyword terms and which search engines are working for you…and which ones are not!

To learn more about HOW Hitslink KeywordTool can be used to calculate ROI, let us explain how to effectively calculate ROI using this invalubable service.